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This week’s issue will cover Despicable Deadpool (2017) from writer Gerry Duggan, Penciler Scott Koblish and cover art by David Lope. As the title implies Deadpool is caught up in quite the despicable situation as he has made a deal with the devil! (...Well technically Stryfe, but he is pretty much the devil). After 4 people close to Deadpool had their lives saved by Stryfe, Deadpool must repay the Cable Clone with the murder of 4 people of Stryfe's choosing. Who is on top of that list well obviously Stryfe's original carbon copy and Deadpool's best (maybe only) friend, Cable!! Join your "That's Canon" hosts Doc, Tobi, and Dave as we review and try to figure out how Deadpool will get out of this one.  

The issue also features:

Judgment Call: In the first round, two hosts select a character that they feel is unappreciated in their respective worlds. They each get 3 mins to plead their case to the third host (the Judge). In round 2, they take 1 min to take down their opponent’s character. In the end, the Judge selects a winner.

This issue also features BFW, best/favourite/worse. This weeks topic "Animated teams".

Curious for more? Well tune in and join the fun!

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